The FOR Group Recruitment Agency Mission Statement

FOR seek to create close, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients and candidates. Being fanatically committed to the highest standards of excellence in our recruitment service and constantly seeking to build more effective ways to deliver to our customers, go hand in hand at the FOR group.

We are value driven and seek to maintain a strong sense of ethics, fair play and responsibility in all that we do. For example as a matter of course we don’t approach any of our customers staff for at least a year following the completion of our last search engagement.

FOR aims to:-

Raise the collective standards of the offshore finance recruitment agency sector by leading in terms of execution of engagements, customer and candidate satisfaction. We seek to do this whilst at the same time maintaining transparency, trust and social responsibility.

FOR is:-

FOR Transparency – we offer complete transparency across the breadth of our recruitment services

FOR Honesty - central to our corporate mind set is the belief that all those who deal with us, irrespective of whether we can assist them or not, will always appreciate that they have been treated with integrity in an honest, professional and decent manner.

FOR Fairness - we reward the total contribution made by all of our staff, not only those on the front line. We pride ourselves on recognising the contributions made by all and ensure all rewarded.

FOR Teamwork - At the core of the group we strive to foster genuine teamwork by paying broadly equal salaries to staff within equal bands of seniority. We work to a horizontal; none hierarchy structure. This benefits you by not allowing your assignment to be sidetracked by intra-firm politics, as all staff has no virtual territory to protect and we always encourage genuine cooperation.

FOR Evolution - FOR care about delivering the best service possible. As such we constantly strive to be at the forefront of the recruitment agency industry and ensure our processes are flexible, efficient and fast. This evolution can be seen in our adoption of the latest technologies and processes.

Lastly at FOR we take our corporate social responsibility seriously and are currently moving towards full carbon neutrality. As part of this process we have implemented many environmentally friendly processes including recycling of all printer cartridges, mobile phones, toner cartridges, paper and legacy IT equipment.

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